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Config::Model presentation done for Frankfurt Perl Mongers

July 16, 2010


I was on business trip last week in Frankfurt. During the preparation of this trip, I had a sudden inspiration: why not benefit from this HP paid trip to meet other Perl or Debian guys. I googled for some Frankfurt am Main Perl or Debian group. (Please mind the “am Main” part, it’s important as I’ve learned there are several Frankfurt city in Germany 😉 )

I was lucky enough that Frankfurt-pm monthly meeting occurred on one free evening during my trip. So I looked for the agenda (good, they welcome presentations), subscribed to their mailing list (mostly German, but English is accepted) and proposed a presentation similar to the one I gave in Fosdem.

So here I am, Tuesday evening, after a long meeting day for business, ready to give this presentation in a Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt. Since the audience was different from FOSDEM’s, I offered to tune the presentation with more Perl related details. Thanks to LyX, Beamer and some evil red TeX, I quickly re-inserted some Perlish slides, and off we go.

Well almost. Food came in just after the first slide. So we interrupted the session for excellent japanese plates :-p

Among the audience, one guy was following the presentation with acute concentration. Max was already thinking on how to use Config::Model for Padre‘s configuration.

After the presentations, We discussed a bit on the work needed to use Config::Model with Padre. Roughly and not necessarily in that order:

  • Create a model for Padre’s config
  • Call Config::Model API from Padre
  • Provide a Wx GUI interface instead of a Perl/Tk interface for a smooth integration (although a proof of concept may be possible with Perl/Tk and Wx …)

Time will tell if this idea will be done or not, but I really enjoy the idea. This would be a great use case for Config::Model.

All the best

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