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Perl6 (aka rakudo) is available on Debian

July 24, 2011


I’m happy to announce that Perl6 (as rakudo) is now available on Debian unstable.

Thanks also to Gabor Szabo for the Perl6 talk he gave at FOSDEM.

His talk made me think: “Why the hell don’t we have rakudo on Debian ?”. So I stepped up, pushed to get a recent parrot package, ghedo and I created a pkg-rakudo team on Alioth, and we updated the old rakudo package done by ryan52.



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  1. Yeah, words have power! 🙂

  2. How can you install rakudo on Debian Testing (Wheezy)? Is it only in unstable currently?

    You may want to provide instructions to average Debian users or those who use Ubuntu.

    • Since no important bugs are left against Rakudo, it should be available on testing real soon.

      I don’t really know how Rakudo can migrate to Ubuntu. May be a MOTU has to step up.

      If you want to install Rakudo on Ubuntu, you should recompile Parrot and Rakudo from their source package.

      All the best

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