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Debian SDL packaging team revival

November 19, 2011


Most SDL packages are outdated, people are complaining in the BTS, and the team is mostly inactive.

That’s bad news for my project. What can I do ?

Well, it’s Debian project, I just have to step up.

Thanks to Sam Hocevar, I’m now admin on Debian Alioth SDL packaging project.

I’d like to revive the team. (Note that I don’t have the bandwidth to be the team all by myself).

Here are the first steps I plan (mostly inspired by the way Debian-perl team is working):

  • create a SDL-team page on debian wiki (done)
  • setup a SDL packaging git repo so that team members can collaborate more easily on packaging (on-going)
  • call for volunteers to help. (this message is the first step)
  • review and upload packages from team members

Now, there are some ground rules I wish to push forward:

  • any team member can work on any package maintained by the team.
  • just tell us on this list about any work you are doing (to avoid duplication)
  • send a mail on this list if you need a package to be reviewed for upload.
  • you can use SDL subversion repository to work on a package
  • you can also use SDL git repo to work on a package (please discuss with us for the migration steps)
  • once a package is migrated to git, it cannot go back to subversion.

If you don’t agree with the above points, now is the time to say it.

Feel free to join by:

  1. Creating an account on Alioth
  2. request to join sdl-team
  3. Last but not least, send a short introduction mail to pkg-sdl-maintainers AT so we can know each other.

See you soon 🙂


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