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Config::Model new command line: And the winner is …

December 16, 2011


Following the suggestions provided after my post “What name for Config::Model’s new command line ? cfg or something else ?“, I’ve considered “cmc” and “cme” as a good candidates. But, “cmc” is used by a “C mol compiler” software (don’t ask me what it is…). “cme” is also a very good name.

So the winner is “cme”

Next version of Config::Model will provide /usr/bin/cme. The old config-edit command will be provided for a few months to preserve backward compatibility.

Thanks to all people who took the time to reply 🙂

All the best


From → Config::Model, Perl

  1. Thomas Preud'homme permalink

    Sorry for the late answer but maybe cfmdl would do it as well. It could be pronounced “config model” or “conf model” and would allow for another cfe program.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. But it’s a bit to long. And pronouncing it config-model may confuse people when mentioning cfmdl (the command line) and config-model (the framework).

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