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SDL packaging team update: most SDL packages are now up-to-date

February 1, 2012


Thanks to the effort of Felix Geyer (debfx) and Manuel Montecelo (mafm), most of SDL packages in Debian unstable are now up-to-date. These guys did a really great job: most of the time, I could upload the packages they prepared without modification. These guys should become DD, they have the skills. Ok, debfx has started the process (congrats) and mafm is still thinking about it…

Anyway, here the messages for all those who gave up packaging new SDL games for Debian because of stale SDL packages: SDL team is alive, the core SDL packages are now up-to-date, the wait is over.

This is true also for Perl SDL games: I’ve uploaded yesterday the latest Perl bindings to SDL. Unfortunately, this upload broke some games like frozen-bubble, pangzero and dizzy. But new versions compatible with new SDL perl are available upstream so theses games won’t be broken for long.

All the best


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