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Config::Model and cme to help debian transitions

March 16, 2012


As maintainer of libwx-scintilla-perl, I had to update the package to update a dependency declation to close bug #662427. The dependency was good enough for the package to work but it blocked the linpng15 transition.

This is yet another detail to remember when updating package: whether the dependencies are impacted by a transition. As I’m really bad at remembering such details, I’ve added the relevant check in the dpkg control source model used by cme.

Now running ‘cme check dpkg’ will warn you if a dependency impacts a transition. And ‘cme fix dpkg’ will fix you dependency list as resquested by a transition. Well, that holds true for the transition I’m aware of. Feel free to contact me if more transition checks are needed.

For those who are curious (or want to send me a patch for another transition), here’s the actual implementation of these new checks.

All the best

  1. Jakub Wilk permalink

    “New packages should build-depend on libtiff4 (>= 3.9.5-2)” — err, what? Maybe you meant libtiff4-dev? That’d be still wrong though.

    • Err.. According to the libtiff4 transition page, this dependency is correct. The only hitch is that it should be a runtime dependency, not a build time dependency. My bad. I’ll have to move this warning from to Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

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