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Kerberos configuration editor looking for a maintainer

July 2, 2012


A while ago, Peter Knowles wrote a configuration model for Kerberos. Unfortunately, his priorities shifted before he completed this work. He was kind enough to send me the prototype in hope someone could take over.

Although I do not know Kerberos, I believe the model is rather complete. Just click on the image below to judge for yourself:

Class diagram of Kerberos configuration model

This work was released under a LGPL-2+ license.

There are some tasks left to get a Kerberos configuration editor. These are mentioned in config-model-kerberos readme file.

To look at the code, just clone config-model-kerberos with


If you need more information on Config::Model, see:

If you are interested in adopting Kerberos model, please keep us informed on config-model-users at This will avoid duplicated work. On my side, I’ll gladly answer questions related to Config::Model to help you get started.

All the best


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