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Dpkg source editor/checker is going native

October 7, 2012


As Config::Model was becoming too big with too many dependencies, I’ve moved all Debian stuff from Config::Model repository into a separate Debian repository.

If you install only libconfig-model-perl 2.026-1 (from experimental), the command ‘cme check dpkg’ will not work. You must also install libconfig-model-dpkg-perl to get it back. libconfig-model-dpkg-perl is currently in experimental.

libconfig-model-dpkg-perl repository is hosted on Alioth in debian perl-packaging team and is a Debian native package. Nevertheless, it will be uploaded to CPAN. (just like dh-make-perl).
All people involved in packaging are welcome to hack it or suggest improvements

I’ll upload both packages into unstable once the dust settles.

All the best

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