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Seeking help to update OpenSSH configuration editor (Config::Model)

July 2, 2013


OpenSsh 6.0 has been out for more than a year and the OpenSSH configuration editor still lacks the new parameters introduced by this release (like AllowAgentForwarding).

Technically, the task is not difficult, but I lack time to address it: I’m swamped by real life job, maintenance of Config::Model, Debian packaging activities…

So I’m looking for volunteer(s) to help me on Config::Model. Updating OpenSSH model is a great way to start !

If you want to help, please:

  • say so in a comment of this post or on config-model-users at (to synchronize efforts)
  • Fork Config::Model::OpenSsh repository
  • Follow instructions in the README file to install dependencies
  • Read this wiki page that details how to upgrade OpenSSH model.
  • Update and test the model
  • Send a pull request (Note that I’ll also accept patches sent by mail)

Be sure that you won’t be forgotten in the change log 😉

Feel free to contact config-model-users at to get help, exchange ideas, or to discuss how to handle deprecation or upgrade of OpenSSH parameters…

All the best

update: OpenSSH project name was corrected after Rafal’s comment.


From → Config::Model, Perl

  1. rjc permalink

    The module’s name does indeed contain OpenSsh, but if you’re refering to the most popular SSH implementation its name is OpenSSH.

    I’m being pedantic, I know :^)

    • Hmm, right… That’s why I love Debian’s way of naming packages: only lowercases are allowed 😉

      Okay, I’ll update this post and the Config::Model:OpenSsh doc. Changing the name of the Perl module may have too many impacts on users.

      Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. I *love* the fact that unix filesystems are case sensitive, unlike say FAT or the way MS Windows deal with case on NTFS (even though the latter supports it), but I still use lower case for my own personal files and directories as I hate straining pinky with constant SHIFTing ;^)

    I agree that changing the module name at this point might be the best of ideas. Well, at least it stands out! :^D

    • I guess you meant: “changing the module name at this point might not be the best of ideas”

  3. Indeed, that is what I meant ;^)

    I have, accidently, entered ‘command mode’ and hit ‘r’ in my browser (refresh) and had to type it all again omitting, crucial, *not* :^P

  4. I would love to help out 🙂 unless others all ready provided you with a proper pull request 🙂

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