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Released Perl ptkdb debugger to experimental

October 13, 2013


Following Gabor’s post, I’ve updated the Debian package for libdevel-ptkdb-perl. This new package is now available in experimental repository.

Why not in unstable ? This new version of ptkdb (or is it a fork ?) was heavily changed and needs to be tested more before being released to unstable.

I will use it during my regular Perl activities. Nevertheless, I would welcome feedback on this new version to help decide when to upload to unstable.

All the best


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  1. Hi.

    My name is Matthew Persico and I have recently been granted co-maintainer rights for Devel::ptkdb on CPAN. I have been in contact with Svetoslav Marinov about a fork of the project. My motivation for getting maintainer right was that in April I did my own massive update to fix and extend the module.

    I managed to almost lose the changes in the transition between jobs but I have a copy I am trying to piece together. I’d like to try an reconcile our updates and come to a 2.0 version.

    Is this package in the experimental repo the same version that is at GitHub here:

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

    • Yes. The experimental version of ptkdb comes from I had to change the version number from 1.232 to 1.2320 to avoid upgrade problems for our users.

      • Ok. That explains that. Can I ask a favor – do not move this from experimental until I’ve had time to digest it and get my updated version back in order. I hope to be able to put something out in Jan 2014. It’s been, what, 15 years since the last official release – I don’t think a few months more will hurt anyone.


      • No problem. We’ll wait.

        For the next releasde, please use a version number compatible with older releases of Devel::ptkdb. I.e. either 1.xxxx (at least 4 digits), or go to 2.xx (number of digits is not important).

        All the best

      • Oh, you can count on a 2.0 version number. Although the mere appearance of the module on the latest loaded list might attract attention, the switch to 2.0 will definitely attract attention. And we’ll need people to bang on this to make sure it’s bullet-proof. In that light, I might release a 1.900 developer release. I think leaving 99 iterations to shake out the bugs should be enough. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m the developper of ptkdb.
    Please let me know if you find some bugs … and even bugfixes !
    I shall upload he new Version 1.233 in the next days …
    All the best

    • Hello Marco

      Nice to have news from you. Are you working with Matthew Persico on ptkdb ?

      All the best

      • marazzi Marco permalink

        I know the name from the source code.
        Many time ago as I worked for EDS I tried to contact Andrew Page by email but he never responded. Later on I found the project on sourceforge. Thus I contacted the admin of that project who gave me the access to the project CVS. I develop ptkdb mainly for my personel use and from time to time I upload the changes onto sourceforge. Actually the other peoples of the project doesn’t code anymore since many time.
        Somewhere I read that Matthew did some Beta tests. I think he isn’t member of the sourceforge project.
        If you want to know more about the sourceforge project, please ask the admin Svetlan Marinov.

    • Hello Marco,
      I have been given co-maintainer rights with Andrew Page for Devel::ptkdb on CPAN. I am working on doing an update to the module myself and tracking down all the forks (there is one other I’ve heard rumors of) before releasing anything to CPAN. It’s been 15 years since the last upgrade if I’ve done my math right. Please contact me before you put anything into the wild.

      Thank you

      • Marazzi Marco permalink

        Hi Matthew,
        I know your name from the POD of ptkdb. Many years ago I tried to contact A E Page to upload my changes into CPAN. Unfortunatly he never responded, Thus, I found the project of Marinov on sourceforge, and I worked on with them.
        So don’t worry I do nothing on CPAN,
        If you really plan to upgrade CPAN, feel free to download the latest version from sourceforge.
        Since the feedback of the user is very little, you have to test yourself if it works on linux/unix.
        I did my tests only on Windows machines using ActiveState Perl.
        As I wrote to dod, if you want to know more about the ptkdb project on sourceforge, please ask the admin Svetlosan Marinov.

      • Well, that’s great to know that the MS side has been tested. I work primarily in Unix so it will all be covered. I plan on merging my stuff and whatever is in the tree. Then I plan on rehosting on Git so that those who want to contribute can do so more easily – or at least I find git more easy!

        It will take some time I will work over the next two months – I hope to have something by start of the new year.

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