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Edit your debian patch header for DEP-3 compliance with cme

June 15, 2014

While not required by Debian policy, the  patch tagging guidelines (aka DEP-3) recommends to add a structured header to source package patches.

Long story short, patches should begin with something like :

Description: tweak lcdproc config for debian
patch LCDd.conf to:
* use syslog instead of stderr to show message
* run LCDd as root (to read /dev/lcd* file)
The latter could be done better by tweaking udev rule
Author: dod
Applied-Upstream: NA

Making sure that the DEP-3 recommendation is respected may not be fun. Do not despair: once libconfig-model-dpkg-perl is installed on your system, you can check whether your patches respect the DEP3 recommendation with the following command:

$ cme check dpkg-patches
loading data
checking data
check done

You can also check individual patches with:

cme check dpkg-patch tweak-conf

Note that bash auto-completion is provided only from version 2.049 of libconfig-model-dpkg-perl package.

If editing the header of your patches with your favorite editor does not strike you as fun, you can also use cme graphical editor provided by libconfig-model-tkui-perl. Once this package is installed, you can run:

cme edit dpkg-patches

You will get this editor to update your patches:

-usr-bin-cme Dpkg::Patches_001

This editor will show you the available parameters and the associated documentation to let you provide relevant information.

Last but not least, patch header check is also performed when you check your whole package with cme check dpkg

All the best

  1. The picture link is broken.

  2. Anonymous coward permalink

    Have you considered making this check part of lintian? That would drastically increase the test coverage.

    • Using cme’s capacity to check debian/copyright has been considered in #642833 .
      Neils will review patches to integrate Config::Model in lintian, and I will review patches against Config::Model to facilitate this integration. But somebody needs to step up. I don’t have the bandwidth and Config::Model needs more than one contributor to be taken seriously as a dependency (i.e. what happens if I get hit by a bus ?).

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