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Perl6 is now up to date on Debian sid

October 10, 2015


Thanks to the help of Daniel Dehennin and Paul Cochrane, The rakudo implementation of Perl 6  is now up to date on Debian/sid.

Unlike previous version, Perl 6 on Debian uses moarvm backend. No other backend is provided.

Please use the following command to install Perl6 on Debian:

sudo apt-get install rakudo

All the best


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  1. Fernando Santagata permalink

    Thank you for your work!
    There’s one issue I wish to address: the current Debian perl6 implementation has no “append” method for the Array class (maybe it’s slightly outdated?), so I can’t install Panda and in turn any other perl6 module.

    • Hello Nando

      The Debian Perl6 packages are based on the latest rakudo star release (as of today). Upstream bugs like missing methods should be reported to upstream bug tracker.

      All the best

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